Are Dental Implants Considered Prosthodontics?

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Prosthodontics involves the proper restoration of teeth. The focus of the procedures includes placing dental implants. Dental implants still hold the highest standard among all types of teeth replacements. If you want to know if dental implants belong to prosthodontics, here are the facts.

The procedure

Dental implants need dental surgery to start the process of teeth replacement. It is a seasoned procedure in prosthodontics. Even so, many patients still become apprehensive because of dental surgery. Dentists tend to use stronger sleep dentistry techniques if the patient is too anxious.

The dentist creates an opening or an implant pocket where the natural tooth used to be. Then, the titanium rod goes into the jawbone. Stitching up the gum tissue follows. This closes the surgical site. The gums will heal after a week or so. Dentists recommend waiting several months.

Osseointegration happens during the long waiting period. This process involves the fusing of the titanium rods with the jawbone and gum tissue. Prosthodontics has available temporary restorations. These take the place of teeth while the patient waits. The weak temporary teeth replacements help the patient perform daily activities. This happens as the implants finish osseointegration.

The dentist will call the patient back in when the osseointegration is over. This is the time to place the abutments. There will be a tiny incision on the gum tissue covering the implants. The placement of the abutment follows.

The dentist will stitch around the abutments to close the gums. This happens so that the abutments show at the surface of the gum tissue. These tiny parts are important in prosthodontics. Abutments connect the dental crowns to the dental implants. The dentists need to take impressions of the patient’s mouth for the fabrication of the dental crowns.

After two weeks of healing, the dentist will call the patient back in for the placement of the permanent dental crowns. These crowns are porcelain restorations. They feel and look like natural teeth. Porcelain crowns blend in with the neighboring natural teeth.

How dental implants work

Prosthodontics always aims to provide the right dental support for patients who need it. The dental implant procedure gives patients a functional, good-looking tooth. Implants are comfortable. These restorations are also easy to care for. Titanium is a biocompatible material. The body does not reject it.

The titanium rods fuse with the jawbone and gums. These posts act as dental roots, telling the body to send nutrients for bone repair. The jawbone stays healthy, and the patient maintains a youthful appearance. Advancements continue to happen in the world of prosthodontics. Materials for dental implants continue to improve as well. Because of this, choosing dental implants to restore missing teeth is an investment of time, effort, and money.

Dental implants are important in prosthodontics

You need stability in your teeth-replacement system. Stability provides security in every bite, chew, smile, and speaking moment. This is what dental implants are all about. This is what prosthodontics offers. The importance of dental implants in teeth replacement will always be significant. An appointment with your dentist will tell you more about how the procedure will be according to your needs.

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