How a General Dentist Can Save My Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth Somerville, MA

A broken tooth can leave you with oral health and aesthetic problems. This is usually an awkward situation for many. Because of this, seeing your dentist should be at the top of your list. Your dentist will know how to repair your broken tooth and protect it. If you want to know how a general dentist can restore and save your broken tooth, here are your available options.

Dental veneers

These restorations can help a broken tooth. A general dentist can prepare the damage and then cover it with custom-fit veneers. Porcelain is a common material for veneers. It is close to the texture and feel of natural teeth. The dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel first. This allows the veneers to adhere well to the tooth.

This stable restoration is usually a strong choice for front broken teeth. Proper care for a porcelain veneer can make it last for at least 30 years. A patient can choose to have a series of veneers to match the neighboring teeth to cover other imperfections. Patients with bruxism must wear a mouthguard at night to prevent the veneers from wearing down.

Dental crowns

A general dentist can also repair a broken tooth with dental crowns. Broken teeth with chewing surfaces need dental crowns for aesthetic and functional restoration. Crowns also protect the tooth from injury and infection. General dentists usually choose PFM (porcelain-fused-with metal) or porcelain crowns. These crowns hold the tooth together while resembling the patient’s natural teeth.

Root canal

The damage of a broken tooth can extend to the pulp and nerve endings. This is usually very painful for the patient. For this, the general dentist will remove the pulp and clean the inner space of the tooth. Then, the dentist will fill it with a strengthening material. Once the root canal is over, the pain will end as well. The dentist will place a crown over the tooth to hold it together.

Dental implants

If the tooth breaks and the fracture extends below the gumline straight to the bone, the dentist will need to extract the tooth. A titanium rod will replace the missing tooth root. After successful osseointegration, the general dentist will attach the dental crown to restore the tooth. This treatment will prevent bone loss in the patient’s jaw. A dental crown can take time to fully heal. When it does, it will be strong and resistant to infection.

Dental bonding

This type of dental repair involves using a bonding substance. Resin is a common choice because it is moldable. The general dentist will etch the tooth to roughen it. The rough texture will allow the resin to stick well to the tooth. When the general dentist finishes molding the resin on the broken tooth, the dentist will use a curing light to harden it. Then, the dentist will shape and polish it.

A general dentist can help save your broken tooth

You can break a tooth suddenly. It is a common event that needs the care of a good dentist. Seeing a general dentist right away is crucial to saving your broken tooth. During the dental appointment, the dentist will assess the damage and recommend the most suitable way to save your tooth.

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