What Are Full Dentures?

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Dentures come in a variety of styles to replace lost teeth and restore your smile. Full dentures, or complete dentures, are designed to replace a row of lost teeth. A dentist can advise you on the best sort of dentures for you.

An overview of full dentures

Dentures offer many advantages when it comes to replacing lost teeth. Dentures will not only ensure patients regain the appearance of their smile, but they can also help you regain regular biting and chewing abilities. Dentures also give support for drooping facial muscles, preserving the natural contour of the face. Dentures may also help with speech by readjusting tongue positioning while speaking. When a whole row or arch of teeth is missing, full dentures can be the most suitable option to replace all of those teeth at once.

Immediate, conventional, and implant-supported overdentures are the three basic forms of complete dentures. Patients can start with one kind of complete denture and switch to another eventually, depending on their condition and needs. The dentist can explain the many varieties of full dentures and recommend the right type for the patient.

Immediate full dentures

These dentures are normally only worn for a short time before being replaced with traditional full dentures. After tooth extractions, immediate complete dentures are often employed. Since the gums have to recover after extraction, traditional complete dentures cannot be fitted correctly immediately. Patients can enjoy oral functions with immediate full dentures while waiting for gum recovery and their traditional full dentures.

Traditional full dentures

These are dentures that are supposed to be worn all of the time. Full dentures are individually fabricated for each patient and adjust to the shape of the mouth gradually for a great fit. Conventional complete dentures, after placement, appear and operate like natural teeth, allowing wearers to bite and eat normally.

Implant-supported overdentures

Like traditional full dentures, these dentures are designed to be permanent tooth replacements. Multiple dental implants inserted directly in the jawbone are used to anchor the dentures in place. Dental implants provide dentures with extra stability and support. They are less prone to slippage, unlike traditional dentures, and help preserve the jawbone.

Making the decision

To choose the best dentures, there are certain factors to consider. The first is finances. Certain dentures, especially implant-supported ones, are out of reach for some people. Patients should consult a dentist about the cost of dentures.

Comfort is also important. Permanent or removable dentures are available. The material used also contributes to the dentures' comfort. Finally, the dentist will consider dental needs. Certain dentures may necessitate the removal of existing teeth before their placement. Discussing with an experienced dentist will help patients understand what needs to be done in their individual situations.

The bottom line

Full dentures can restore your smile while also providing support for facial muscles, restoring speech, and allowing you to regain normal biting and chewing capabilities. Contact our dental office to arrange an appointment and find out which kind of complete dentures is suitable for you.

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