When is a Broken Tooth a Dental Emergency?

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Not all cases of a broken tooth are a Emergency Dental Care. Some people can decide to delay a visit to the dental office until their next dental appointment if they have a toothache or tooth sensitivity. They may get temporary relief from over-the-counter medications until the appointment. However, a breakage affects the structure of the teeth. If you are unsure about whether to visit the dentist after breaking a tooth, this article provides the information you need.

Distinguishing dental emergencies

A dental emergency demands quick attention from a dental professional. In most instances, this entails calling the dental office to book a same-day appointment. In other cases, a visit to the emergency room or urgent care facility might be necessary. This gives the patient a chance to receive medical attention before visiting the dentist for a dental procedure.

Deciding when to go for emergency treatment

A broken tooth generally requires visiting the dental office. In fact, tooth breakages are one of the most prevalent dental emergencies. Many people may experience broken teeth while participating in sports-related events, taking a fall or eating. Although broken teeth are a serious issue, there are forms of fractures that do not fall under the emergency category.

Minor tooth fractures or chipped teeth are tooth fractures that do not require an instant visit to the dental office. The reason is that the situations do not pose any immediate threat to the patient’s general health and wellbeing. Therefore, scheduling a regular dental appointment should suffice.

However, in the case of major tooth breakage, emergency dental care is necessary. A severe fracture is when a sizable part of the tooth is gone. This situation usually causes intense pain and, sometimes, bleeding. In this case, seeking quick dental intervention is vital.

Going to the right place during an emergency

Patients can receive dental treatment, even if they do not have a regular dentist. Many dental offices dedicate part of their operating hours to attend to emergency patients. This means patients can call the general dentist or any dental professional closest to them for treatment. There is a chance that they will be able to get the needed intervention as soon as possible.

A broken tooth does not always occur at convenient hours. A dental emergency can occur in the middle of the night, over the weekend or during the holidays. In such cases, patients can give the dental office a call, regardless of the time of day. There is usually an emergency number that patients can reach that provides prerecorded instructions on what to do during a dental crisis. Note there is also the option of visiting the ER in the case of severe bleeding.

In conclusion

There is no straight answer for when a broken tooth is a dental emergency. It depends on the severity of the breakage. For example, while minor chips can wait, a major breakage can cause so much pain that instant dental intervention is necessary. The dentist can always make room to attend to the emergency. Remember, the earlier you undergo treatment, the better the chances of reducing infection.

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