When a CEREC Crown Is Not Recommended

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You may have heard of CEREC® crowns as one of the options available for repairing a damaged tooth. CEREC crowns are a great way to minimize the time in the dentist’s chair. These crowns can look just like your normal teeth, and dentists design them to fit to mimic your normal bite. There are many times when CEREC crowns are a great choice, but not always. Here are some reasons why your dentist may not recommend a CEREC crown for you.

Tooth fractures and extensive damage

CEREC crowns have many advantages over traditional crowns but may not be ideal in certain situations. When a crack in a tooth goes below the gumline, a CEREC crown is not an appropriate choice. Dentists create CEREC crowns by using a special camera to capture an image of the tooth. The computer-assisted device uses the image to design the crown. When the crack or tooth damage extends below the gumline, the camera may not get an accurate image capture. In this case, the CEREC crown would not fit the damaged tooth properly.

Crown types and wear and tear

Traditional crowns handle the wear and tear better than CEREC crowns. The dentist uses a computer-assisted machine to craft CEREC crowns out of a block of ceramic. Ceramic can last a long time, but not as long as traditional crowns. Dentists make these crowns out of metal or a porcelain piece bonded to metal. If the patient needs a crown on a tooth that gets a lot of wear and tear, a traditional crown is likely to last longer without needing repairs.

When CEREC crowns are less cost-effective

There are several ways that traditional crowns can save a patient money. Because the traditional crown is more durable, the patient will not need to visit the dentist as often for repairs or replacements. CEREC crowns are also more expensive because of the way dentists must design the crown. Some dental insurances cover certain traditional crown options but do not cover CEREC crowns.

Availability and training

CEREC crowns are not available in all dentist offices. Some dentists do not have the necessary equipment or training to create CEREC crowns. In some cases, the dentist may have the training but will need to send out to another facility to get the CEREC crown created. Other dentists are not familiar with how to craft CEREC crowns. Patients should discuss whether sending out to another facility for a CEREC crown is an option.

Your crown options should fit you

It is important to work with your dentist to determine what style of dental crown will fit you. Your dentist will consider the type of damage your tooth has and the location of the tooth. Cracks and damage to the tooth below the gumline make CEREC crowns a less effective option. You may want to consider important factors like biting and chewing habits when deciding between types of crowns. Your dentist is always a good resource when weighing the pros and cons of a procedure.

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