Reasons When a CEREC Restoration Is Advised

Reasons When a CEREC Restoration Is Advised from Assembly Dental in Somerville, MACEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) restorations are convenient and accurate procedures. Each CEREC treatment has a traditional equivalent, which takes longer to complete. This new way of getting dental restorations can be an advantage to many patients. If you want to know the reasons when to advise a CEREC restoration, here are the details.

Urgent need for restorations

CEREC restorations can provide quick restorations to patients who are in urgent need of them. People who are in the public eye must always have good oral health. These people must always be ready to speak, smile, and mingle with others. Most of them rely on dental health to perform tasks and hold down jobs. The dentist who takes care of such a person will advise a CEREC restoration.

Accidents happen. A patient may need to rush to the dental clinic to restore any dental damage. Dental cracks, chips, fractures, and dislodgements are some of the cases for CEREC restorations. Patients who need to regain dental form and function the following day must get these treatments. Dentists advise such a fast system because of the high level of accuracy.

Lack of time for waiting

Dentists meet various types of patients every time. Every single one has a different temperament and lifestyle. A dentist may recommend CEREC restorations if the patient cannot tolerate weeks of waiting for dental restorations. This may also be the case for those who need to travel for work or social engagements.

Intolerance for physical molds

Traditional dental restorations need an alginate mold. This needs the patient to bite down on the soft, malleable mold. Some patients do not want this experience at all. Dentists recommend CEREC restorations to skip this part of the treatment.

High-technology oral scanning does not need molds anymore. A small digital camera takes a picture of the patient’s teeth. The CEREC software processes the data and creates the digital model. This is good news for patients who dislike the taste of the molds.

Does not want to wear temporary restorations

Traditionally, dentists and patients need to wait for the dental laboratory to finish fabricating the permanent restorations. Patients need to wear temporary crowns or caps while the dental lab finishes the work. Most patients dislike wearing temporary restorations. These are not as stable as the permanent ones. CEREC removes this part of the process. Patients can get permanent restorations on the same dental visit.

Allergic reaction to metal

Some patients are allergic to specific metals or metal components of different restorations. Dentists will recommend the use of CEREC restorations for these patients. CEREC uses ceramic material. This is durable and tooth-colored. It will not trigger an allergic reaction in patients.

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A CEREC restoration is for anyone who can access this technology

There is a growing number of dental practices with CEREC capabilities. Finding them in your area can give you a chance at having instant restorations. A consultation with your dentist can determine if you can have this type of restoration. An appointment will start your CEREC experience soon.

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