How Is a Family Dentist Different From a General Dentist

How Is a Family Dentist Different From a General Dentist from Assembly Dental in Somerville, MAA family dentist is much like a general dentist, providing quality primary dental care for patients. Their educational backgrounds and services are similar. So, how do you decide which professional is right? This article will examine both professionals and explore the key difference that sets them apart.

What they have in common

Both family and general dentists act as primary dental providers for their patients. Both are responsible for their patient's routine dental checkups and cleanings, keeping their patient's dental history and records, and monitoring ongoing dental conditions. In addition, they act as the primary resource for the patient when it comes to dental health education.

Their educational backgrounds are also similar. Both must complete undergraduate and dental school and a licensing exam before they can practice in their state. In addition, they dedicate themselves to continuing education and staying current in their field while striving to continually improve how they serve their patients.

A family dentist is family focused

If both general and family dentists are equally qualified, what makes one professional a better choice for some people? The answer lies in the key defining difference between general dentists and family dentists. Family dentists focus on providing a primary dental home for entire families, while general dentists focus mainly on adults.

Ages of patients

General dentists typically only treat adults and teens over a certain age. However, because a family dentist treats all family members, their patients' ages can range from 3 years old to 65+. Therefore, they will likely have more experience and skill in treating children.

Types of services

Though the types of services general dentists and family dentists offer can be similar, a family dentist will have more extensive experience performing procedures that focus on the needs of younger patients. These include flouride treatments and dental sealants—both procedures frequently recommended for children to protect their dental health.

Office style

Because family dentists are kid-friendly, they design their offices with children and families in mind. They know that often parents will be coming with their kids. Therefore, they have a kid-friendly waiting room with toys and books to keep children entertained while waiting. In addition, their front office staff will also be accustomed to working with children.

How to choose

Choosing between a general and a family dentist is not a matter of who is more qualified. The choice has more to do with the specific needs of the patients. Both family and general dentists work excellently with adults.

However, for several reasons, adults and families with small children may find a family dentist to be a better fit. First, lives are busy today, especially for those who have kids. Therefore, having one place to take the whole family for dental care is convenient and saves time. Also, when it comes to children, having a dentist they feel comfortable around is essential. Finally, the added benefit is having a dentist with extensive knowledge of a family's dental history.

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Choosing a dentist that fits you

We know how important it is to find the right dental home for you and your family. Our team strives to provide excellent services and dental education to our local area. If you are looking for a dental home or have more questions about family dentistry, we can help.

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