Why Diabetics Should Get a Dental Cleaning

Why Diabetics Should Get a Dental Cleaning from Assembly Dental in Somerville, MAIndividuals who have diabetes may be at a higher risk for developing oral health concerns, which is why they should go to the dentist for a dental cleaning. In addition, developing oral health concerns can increase blood sugar levels and have an impact on general health. Therefore, it is encouraged for diabetics to receive regular professional dental cleanings.

Why dental cleanings are important for patients with diabetes

The following review discusses the importance of dental cleanings for patients with diabetes. This should help patients make more informed decisions regarding their oral care and prevention plan and understand the correlation between dental cleanings and diabetes.

Diabetics are more vulnerable to oral health concerns

As most diabetics have probably heard on numerous occasions from their dentist, they may be more vulnerable to developing oral health concerns. This includes gum disease, dental cavities, bone loss in the jaw, and more. The reason for the increased risk is a reduced blood supply in the area. However, patients can prevent oral health concerns through good oral hygiene and regular dental cleaning.

The development of gum disease can increase blood sugar levels

Not only are patients with diabetes more vulnerable to oral health concerns, but those concerns can also impact their general health. Specifically, gum disease, mouth infections, and other problems can increase blood sugar levels, which could cause serious issues if it becomes chronic.

A dental cleaning can reduce the risk of tooth loss

Since patients with diabetes are more vulnerable to oral health concerns, such as gum disease and bone loss in the jaw, they are also more vulnerable to teeth loss. Through frequent visits to the dentist for check-ups and cleanings, however, the risk of premature tooth loss is greatly reduced.

There are cosmetic benefits of getting a dental cleaning

As is the case with all dental patients, a dental cleaning can make a diabetic patient’s smile look better. Specifically, patients often report having brighter teeth that look clean and smooth after a cleaning and gums that look healthier. While the primary goal of a dental cleaning is to address and prevent oral health concerns, having a more aesthetically pleasing smile is another reason to consider treatment.

How often should patients with diabetes schedule a dental cleaning?

Patients with diabetes are encouraged to visit the dentist for a dental cleaning more often than other patients. Most dentists recommend that patients with diabetes schedule a dental cleaning once every three or four months (three or four times each year) to help prevent oral health concerns from developing.

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