Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Somerville, MA

Patients interested in replacing a missing tooth might consider getting dental implants. These devices can replace the tooth’s roots, and some posts enter the jawbone. These keep the false tooth secure, and the result is more natural than other methods of replacement. Plus, the implants fit better than bridges do. Continue reading to learn more about this new option and the advantages of choosing implants.

Why patients might want to get dental implants

The implants go into the jawbone through a surgical procedure, and the titanium can then fuse with the bone. The implants will not move around or slip out of place. Unlike natural teeth, the titanium will not decay and cause other issues. These might be the right option for patients who:

  • Have missing teeth
  • Do not have health conditions, which could stop the bone from healing well
  • Have enough bone to support the implants
  • Are in good oral health and have healthy habits
  • Can spend several months on the procedure

Preparing for implants

The planning phase could take a while, and a patient might need to have several consultations. The dentist will examine the jaw, mouth, and face beforehand. The patient has to have enough bone volume to support the dental implants. It might be necessary to have 3D images, X-rays, and other models created using the teeth. Plus, the dentist will want to go over the patient’s medical history. For example, the dentist will ask if the patient takes medications and supplements that could delay the healing process.

About the process

It might take a few months for the process to start and complete. However, a lot of this time is waiting for the bone to heal. That can anchor the new implants in place. The dentist starts by placing the implant in the jawbone through oral surgery. There will be a gap where the tooth once was, and it is usually impossible to put the new false tooth in yet.

However, a patient can have a temporary denture placed during the healing phase. The bone growth phase can take a few months, and the patient will need to be careful with eating during that time. Once the process has finished, the dentist can place the abutment to attach the false tooth. It only requires minor surgery to place the attachment.

Helping the results last

Patients can help the implants last for a longer time by cleaning the mouth correctly. Patients can take the same care that would be taken with the natural teeth. That includes regular flossing and brushing to prevent gum disease. Patients can also use specific brushes designed to move between the implants.

Choosing the right dental implants today

Patients who are interested in getting dental implants can make an appointment with the dentist. The dentist can see if the patients are great candidates for the procedure. Of course, once a patient does have implants, it is critical to have regular dental checkups. That way, it will be possible to protect the implants from any damage. The first step is to make an appointment.

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