Choose a CEREC Restoration for a Decayed Tooth

Choose a CEREC Restoration for a Decayed Tooth from Assembly Dental in Somerville, MAIf you have not yet heard about CEREC® crowns, you might want to ask your dentist. CEREC crowns are a great option for restoring your decayed tooth. It may surprise you how easily the dentist can create a CEREC crown that fits your tooth. If you have a decayed tooth that needs a crown, consider asking your dentist about a CEREC restoration. Restoring your damaged tooth can boost your self-image and protect your tooth from further damage. Here are just a few reasons why you may be happier with the results from a CEREC restoration.

CEREC restorations look and feel natural

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. The dentist can often install the CEREC crown in a single sitting. The dentist uses computer-assisted technology to capture an image of the decayed tooth. Usually, the dentist can use a camera to take a photo. The computer program takes measurements from the image and transfers them to a machine. Specialized equipment crafts the crown out of a block of ceramic. Within minutes, the patient has a new, permanent, and beautiful crown.

Making it seem real

The dentist may go through the entire process without needing to take a messy impression of the tooth. CEREC crowns are ceramic. The dentist can select ceramic that closely matches the natural tooth color of the patient. The computer digitally designs the crown’s shape so that it fits the decayed tooth. The dentist will shape the decayed tooth to better fit the crown over it. Many people may not realize someone has a CEREC crown, even in a visible tooth.

Crowns that feel like normal teeth

Dentists use computer-assisted technology to create CEREC crowns to fit well. Because the computer designs it, CEREC crowns can mimic the patient’s natural bite with no discomfort. CEREC crowns are completely customized to each patient. The dentist can do minor polishing on the CEREC crown to smooth down any small irregularities. CEREC crowns do not have a metal layer. This helps them to appear more natural and uniform in size.

Treating tooth decay with CEREC crowns

A dentist will identify tooth decay and can clean out infection from a tooth. But damaged tooth enamel does not grow back after the dentist stops the decay. A crown protects the otherwise healthy tooth by preventing bacteria and debris from further damaging the inside part of the tooth. It is important to try to preserve the structure of a patient’s real tooth whenever possible. CEREC crowns fit over the damaged tooth down to the gumline. Crowns provide a durable and long-lasting barrier.

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When a CEREC crown is the right choice

A CEREC crown not only restores your smile but also restores your oral health. You could have your decayed tooth restored with a CEREC crown in a single dentist visit. CEREC crown technology has continued to improve over the years. Talk to your dentist about restoring your teeth with natural-looking CEREC crowns.

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