Can Cavities Be Treated With Laser Dentistry?

Laser Dentistry Somerville, MA

Laser dentistry is an innovative treatment option and is successful in treating dental cavities. It is helpful to have a full understanding of what laser dentistry is and how dentists use it to treat dental cavities and other oral health concerns before making a decision as to whether or not treatment is right for you. 

A detailed review of laser dentistry and cavity treatment

Of course, the best way to determine if laser dentistry for treating dental cavities is right for you is to discuss all available treatment options with a licensed dentist after an oral examination. However, the following review highlights how laser dentistry can be used by dentists to treat dental cavities. 

Laser dentistry explained

Laser dentistry involves the use of special FDA-approved dental lasers that use light energy to target and remove or reshape soft or hard tissue inside the mouth. For the purpose of treating dental cavities, 

Laser dentistry for cavity treatment

Laser dentistry can first detect cavities by finding evidence of decay. When treating the cavity, the dentist uses dental lasers to kill and remove bacteria in the decayed portion of the tooth. With a traditional cavity filling procedure, this is generally done with a dental scalpel and dental drill, which makes for a much more invasive procedure. Dental lasers may also be used to harden the filling material for a long-term and secure positioning and hold. 

The pros and cons of laser dentistry for cavities

The most notable benefit of laser dentistry is that it allows for a less invasive treatment procedure when filling cavities, while at the same time still ensuring the procedure can be performed successfully and with minimal risk. The recovery time with laser dentistry is often much shorter than it is with traditional methods as well, which is primarily because the dental filling procedure is less invasive. 

There are not any notable drawbacks to laser dentistry when performed by an experienced and adequately trained dentist. However, laser dentistry does require some advanced knowledge of dental innovation, so a less experienced dentist that has not received the ideal training on how to use dental lasers may be more at risk of producing less than desirable results or adverse side effects such as increased teeth sensitivity. 

Who should consider laser dentistry cavity fillings?

Laser dentistry cavity fillings are ideal for patients of all ages that may have a fear of dental drills and scalpels or simply prefer the less invasive method of treatment. During the first visit, your dentist should be able to explain all available treatment options and help you make an informed choice as to whether or not laser dentistry is appropriate. 

Are you interested in laser dentistry treatment?

Get in touch with us today if you would like to learn more about laser dentistry or set up a visit to come in for a check-up and laser dentistry consultation. Here at our practice, we genuinely appreciate helping our patients achieve ideal oral health and appearance, and we offer cavity treatment through both traditional methods and laser dentistry.

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