A Guide to Caring for Invisalign Trays

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Invisalign® is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses aligner trays to straighten teeth. Invisalign is ideal for both teens and adults who can commit to the treatment. Proper care of Invisalign trays is also essential. You should wear your aligner trays for the recommended amount of time each day and take care of them. That way, you will see an astounding transformation in your smile.


Invisalign involves wearing a series of clear aligners that help to move teeth gradually into the desired position. Treatment success depends on patients wearing them throughout the day. Dental professionals recommend patients wear Invisalign trays for about 20 to 22 hours each day. Caring for aligner trays is also an essential part of treatment.

Caring for Invisalign trays

There are a variety of products available that can be used to clean Invisalign trays. Invisalign cleaning crystals can help to remove plaque and odors from Invisalign trays in about 15 minutes. People should gently brush Invisalign trays with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste and rinse them in lukewarm water. Aligner trays should be rinsed with water when they are not in the mouth. This will rinse away the saliva, bacteria as well as food particles. Patients should always take aligner trays out when eating or drinking anything other than water.

Although Invisalign trays are made of durable plastic, they can still get damaged. Invisalign trays are not built to support the pressure of eating, so they should be taken out to prevent them from breaking. Patients must also remove them before eating or drinking to avoid staining them. While the removability of aligner trays makes them convenient, it can also cause many problems. It increases the chances of misplacing or even damaging them. The aligner trays should be stored in their Invisalign case when a person is not wearing them.

Oral hygiene with Invisalign

It is still vital to keep the teeth and gums clean, especially when undergoing orthodontic treatment. Invisalign trays are removable so people can brush their teeth properly. It is also important to floss between the teeth and under the gums because these areas can become a breeding ground for bacteria. It is advisable always to brush before putting the aligner trays back in the mouth. This will ensure that food particles do not get trapped inside the aligner trays, leading to dental issues.

Visit your dentist today

Invisalign trays are a great choice for people who want to straighten their teeth discreetly. Invisalign trays are also popular because patients can take them out when eating or drinking. Keeping the Invisalign trays clean is vital since it is the only way to keep them free from germs and odorless. Fortunately, it is easy to clean and take proper care of Invisalign trays. It is crucial to keep up with each of your orthodontic appointments and contact your dentist if you experience any issues. To find out more about how to care for Invisalign trays, talk to your general dentist today.

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